Call 2024


Phase 1 of the call is now closed. Selected candidates for phase 2 will be advised by the end of June.

See SUPPORT for more information.

Follow the current projects


Philippe Hamelin and Isabelle Pauwels share the current state of their research and its accompanying process.

2023 Fund Recipients  


2023 recipients of two bursaries of $30 000, one for artistic practice and the other for discourse.

Artistic Practice

Joyce Joumaa
Youssef Bey Karam — film / video (working title)


Tricia Middleton
Ciphers — critical and creative writing (working title)

Call for Proposals 2023


The period to receive applications is closed. Support was given in artistic practice and in discursive practice. The next call will take place in early spring 2024.

Follow the current projects 


Philippe Hamelin and Isabelle Pauwels share with us the current state of their research.

2022 Fund Recipients


Following the call for proposals in 2022 and a two-phase process of evaluation, the following artists, projects and organization were given support.

Artistic Practice*

Isabelle Pauwels
Writing in Three Dimensions 

* This year exceptionally two bursaries of 30 000 $ each were given for artistic practice. In 2023 the program will solicit in two areas of activity: artistic practice and discourse.


La Cinémathèque québécoise
A sum of $ 15 000 to continue the processing of the Vidéographe Fonds.

Business No: 733486310RR0001